Friday, 15 June 2007

Artist Statement for Graduate Work

This Practice marks a passage of growth.

This painterly journey has facilitated a stage of resolution that has brought about a deeper understanding of my own practice.

Within my practice the the body is as a landscape. Crisp and contoured like a map, flowing with movement and energy. Clothed or unclothed it emits and evokes different sensations, surfaces, shades, tints and shapes; a rhapsody of colour and form.

Inspired by the shapes and forms created by the Abstract Expressionists and the painterly styles of modern figurative painters like Jenny Saville and Lucian Freud, I have reduced the body to its’ simplest form incorporating a rawness and exposed quality of loose paint strokes.

Each work represents and explores different visceral sensations and the less tangible experiences of the body. This enables a focus on form and the relationships and emotions equated to the ambiance of the body, the sensation of being.

My painting works through creating layers and textures to represent the memories and emotions embedded within the flesh, with the visible, representational form of the body fading in and out of the painting.

It encapsulates the tactile experience of the body in contact with the canvas, in the viewing and in the process of making.