Thursday, 28 June 2007

Results and Stuff

I am feeling fed up with my work being judged by bloody numbers!I am so glad to be leaving this system where I feel I have recieved little support..(apart from fellow students) and now I look forward to being able to get on with what I want to do...Its what you do now that counts...time to look forward!I received so much positive feedback from my work at the graduate show which has instilled alot of confidence in me and my paintings so I know support is out there!!Anyway RANT over...

Have just registered to take part in a project called Bloom where the European Institute of Art has teamed up with a hotel in Brussels who want their 300 rooms painted by current or recent graduates. 5 days in Brussels and payed for your work?cant be this space.

The photos here are of some small studies Ive been working on in the confined space of my small boxed up room in York before I move back to Nottingham..